Choirslist is designed to help more people to find, join, hear or hire their local choir.
Our aim is to spread the many benefits that choirs and singing offers to individuals and local communities and alike.

What's the big idea?

Why shouldn't singing in a choir be as common as going to the gym?

Whilst research has suggested over 2 million Britons sing in a choir, it isn't alway easy to find the right choir for you in your area.

So what if there was a place where all kinds of choirs could list relevant information to increase their profile, recruit more singers, grow audiences, increase revenues and ultimately become more sustainable as organisations?

Choirslist is a new kind of local connected directory that aims to do just this.

As choir singers ourselves, we know the value of regular group singing.  We also know there are so many types of choirs, types of music, and many wide ranging reasons that people will come and join, go watch or hire a choir.

In building Choirslist we've consulted with more than 50 choirs, and have designed a more detailed, more connected and local listing directory which will help more people find the information they need about each choir.

We hope this directory will also connect and enable choirs to cooperate and explore the creative and collaborative opportunities that surround them.

We are just at the start of this journey, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the Choirslist project.

1. Forever Free
2. Hyperlocal and connected
3. Meaningful search
4. Maintained and updated
5. Search Engine Optimised

Why list your choir?

Get noticed

Get your choir's name out there!
It's free to be listed on Choirslist and we have a simple registration process. We verify listings before enabling you to update your profile for free.

Increase your membership

Once more people find you, you can drive new members to join your choir. If you are not currently taking on new members, Choirslist will help you maintain your number. And if you want certain kinds of voices to balance the choir, we can help too.

Promote your events

Events listings are also free for registered members under a fair use policy.  Paid listings will be available to promote term dates, sell tickets for upcoming events, and have access to more advanced features as we build them.

Who’s behind Choirlist?

Choirslist is an initiative of Choirfarm Ltd. Michael Kohn founded Choirfarm during the pandemic when he couldn't go to rehearsals. We're now a collective of entrepreneurs, innovators who happen to love singing and choirs, and we've been developing digital innovation ideas to support the choir economy ever since.




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