Why join a choir?

Singing is good for you and it's especially beneficial in a group, but there is so much more to choirs than music. Here's a few reasons why you might consider joining a choir.

Community connections!

Community choirs embrace singers from all backgrounds and whatever your ability or voice part may be there’s a choir out there for everyone. Some people join multiple choirs, allowing them to take advantage of all the options that are out there.

Feel good!

Singing releases endorphins which in turn promotes good mental health and wellbeing. Joining a choir gives you a reason to feel good on a regular basis. What’s more, the sound we make when we all come together can be magical.

Sound great!

There's strength in numbers! It doesn’t matter how good a singer you are (although most people are better than they think), as part of a larger choir, you’ll always be able to make a great sound. London boasts some of the best musical directors and choral leaders in the world, and they know how to get the best sound out of a group.

Make new friends!

Joining a choir is one of the easiest ways to meet people. Whether that's getting to know people in your local area, or finding people with a common interest to sing with, amateur choirs offer all sorts of social opportunities.  Some people even find the love of their life at choir!

Have fun!

Choirs organise all kinds of events and activities for their members. Some will come together with other choirs to create larger events, others will arrange group holidays or mini getaways.

Start your choir journey today.

Choirslist exists to help people find, hear, join or hire their ideal choir.

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Choirslist London is live now, and we'll public further regional Choirslists later  this year.

More reasons to join a choir

Perform in amazing venues

From stadiums to iconic land marks, choirs are often seen performing in some of the country's most famous venues.

Improve your singing voice

Practice makes perfect. Regular singing, accompanied by instruction and correct warm ups will help you improve. What’s more, some choirs have access to vocal coaches or run additional workshops, aiming to improve your technique.

Make interesting connections

Some people meet professional connections in choirs. Understandably this is more common in the larger choirs. Many companies offer specific workplace choirs too. Most importantly though, choirs offer a space to sing and have fun.

Perform in unlikely places

Many choirs operate fun pop up, or even flash mob style performances. They can be offered slots at music festivals, or the opportunity to sing people down the aisle.

Learn more about music generally

A choir is a great place to learn about music. You can improve your understanding of written music and of how to sing in harmony.

Raise money for charity

Every year UK choirs raise money for local and national charities. From special performances to charity runs there are loads of ways to do your bit.

List choirs in your region.

Choirslist is organized into 12 regions in UK, with a community manager serving each region. We’re launching in London, UK in 2024, and will open up regions as local demand increases. You can list any choir you know about for free.