Exploring 16 different types of choirs and understanding how you can choose the right one for you

There are more than 2000 types of fruit in the world.

Now we’ve not found 2000 types of choir as yet, but the world of choirs IS incredibly varied. Each different type offers its own unique character, and like most fruit, they are good for you!

Choirs represent vibrant communities that reflect a mix of cultures, interests, and quirks.

So, whether you're a seasoned choir aficionado or a fresh-faced newcomer, grab your metaphorical fruit basket and let Choirslist be your guide through the zesty world of choirs, and hopefully help you find the right choir for you.

There are currently 16 different types of choir listed on Choirslist

Choirslist currently boasts a juicy selection of 16 different choir types, ripe for the picking. Maybe you already have your eye on a particular choir, or perhaps you're up for a bit of adventure, eager to explore the choir landscape and stumble upon something unexpected.

Let’s learn about the types of choirs that can be found on Choirslist.com

Amateur Choir

Many of us have joined or are wanting to join a choir for the fun and/or social aspects, so an Amateur Choir is likely to offer you the experience you’re after.

By joining an amateur choir you will be able to experience all of the benefits of singing in a group without the pressure. Don’t be mistaken though, these choirs are professional in their way, and your choir leader would say it’s important to try your best and take pride in your choir.

Comprising individuals who sing for pleasure rather than professional gain, amateur choirs emphasise learning, enjoyment, and social interaction.

Community Choir

Next we have Community Choirs, they draw members from, you guessed it, the community; inclusive and welcoming, community choirs are open to all, focusing on bringing together people from various backgrounds to celebrate a love of music. 

Professional Choir

Then there are the Professional Choirs, comprising trained singers who perform at the highest level, professional choirs often tour and record, setting benchmarks for choral excellence all over the world. 

Semi-professional Choir

On Choirslist we also list Semi-professional Choirs, bridging the gap between amateur and professional, these choirs maintain high musical standards while accommodating singers who may not seek full-time careers in music.

A Cappella Groups

A Cappella Groups are ensembles that focus on vocal harmony and sound, performing without instrumental accompaniment. Their music showcases the pure power and versatility of the human voice in creating rhythm, harmony, and melody.

If you’re looking for a more intimate choir experience then a group like this could work for you.

Chamber Choir

If you’re looking for an intimate choir experience but would like to focus on a predominantly classical repertoire, then joining a Chamber Choir may be the way to go.

Known for their intimate settings and complex repertoire, chamber choirs often perform works that require a high level of vocal finesse and musical understanding. 

Choral Societies

Choral Societies are often larger than chamber choirs, they often perform major choral works, including masses, cantatas, and oratorios

Religious Choir

Religious Choirs are integral to worship services across various faiths. Religious choirs uplift congregations and enhance spiritual experiences through sacred music.

Gospel Choir

If you’re looking to join a choir with a religious history that delivers with energy then look no further than your local Gospel Choir.

With roots in the African American churches, gospel choirs offer soul-stirring performances characterised by powerful vocals and deep emotional connections.

Charity Choir

Charity Choirs are groups that sing to make a difference, and they really do make a difference. Charity choirs raise funds and awareness for various causes, their performances are not just about music but also about community impact.

If you like the idea of putting your voice where your mouth is, so to speak, and making a positive change in the world, then search for charity choirs near you.

Work Choir

Formed within companies or organisations, Work Choirs build team spirit and provide a creative outlet for employees, enhancing workplace culture - what an excellent way to spend your lunch break.

In the last few years a lot of data has come out about the mental health benefits of singing, and many workplaces have been eager to create a culture of wellness for their workforce. If you like the idea of singing on company time, see if your company offers a workplace choir.

Women’s Choirs

If celebrating female voices, and protecting women’s spaces is important to you, and you identify as a woman, then joining a Women's Choir could be a great fit for you. These choirs often perform pieces that highlight women’s experiences and issues, from classical compositions to modern works.

LGBTQ+ Choirs

If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community and would like to find a choir with other allied individuals then why not search for LGBTQ+ choirs near you.

These choirs provide a supportive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals, advocating for inclusivity and celebrating diversity through music. Allies welcome too!

Men’s Choirs

On Choirslist you can also search for Men's Choirs which focus on music arranged for male voices. These choirs explore a repertoire that ranges from classical to contemporary, highlighting the richness of male vocal tones.

Youth Choirs

For many of us, the love (or terror) of singing comes from experiences felt first in childhood. We hope that as many young people as possible can have positive first experiences of singing.

Youth Choirs aim to engage young singers, educating and inspiring the next generation, emphasising musical training and personal growth through performance.

Special Interest Choirs

If you’re looking for a choir with a specific angle then perhaps you would like to search for a Special Interest Choir.

Whether focusing on specific music genres, historical periods, or unique themes, these choirs cater to niche audiences and specialised interests.

One such choir is the self proclaimed London’s geekiest choir - Ready Singer One.

So which type of choir is right for you?

The world of choirs is truly diverse, and that is something worth celebrating.

By exploring the various types of choirs, we not only gain insights into different musical practices but also appreciate how these groups enrich our lives and communities. 

It’s part of the fun to try a few different ones out!

The world of choirs is a veritable fruit platter, right?! Each of them offering their own unique flare and feel.

Whether you're drawn to the soul-stirring harmonies of a gospel choir, the camaraderie of a community ensemble, or the precision of a professional group, there's a choir out there waiting for you.

‍Still not sure?

If you're not yet sure which type of choir is the perfect fit for you? Fear not! Embracing the journey of exploration can be part of the joy of finding your choral niche. 

Trying out different types of choirs allows you to discover new musical styles, meet diverse communities, and uncover hidden talents you never knew you had.

How you can check what’s on offer using Choirslist 

Head over to Choirslist.com's choir type search page and, using the search criteria, you can explore the wide variety of choirs waiting to welcome you with open arms. 

Right now London Choirslist is our first region to launch, and it includes a search feature to select the choir type, and a landing page where you can filter the different searches.


The world of choir types is rich and diverse. So, whether you're a seasoned singer or just starting out, whether you’re looking for apples, oranges or a whole fruit salad, don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. 

Remember, the most important thing is to follow your passion and embrace the opportunities that singing in a group will bring you.

Get picking, and happy singing!

Find a choir on London Choirslist.

If you’re looking to join a choir in London, visit london.choirslist.com to search for choirs to find the choir that’s right for you.

Written by
Lily Whiteside

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